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Organizational Learning programs for WellStar employees.

Organizational Learning

WellStar encourages every member of our employee family to continuously pursue new knowledge and acquire new skills. We believe every day presents a new opportunity to shine brighter and better than ever before.

Through our unique Organizational Learning Department, WellStar has created a variety of lifelong learning opportunities, for individuals with vastly different interests and responsibilities, across every level of our System.

  • Clinical Learning
  • Physician Education (CME)
  • Cultural Competency
  • Leadership and Organization Development
  • Library Services
  • Professional Development
  • Operations
  • Strategic & Quality Learning
  • Learning Technologies
  • Work/Life Services
  • Administration

In addition to learning resources for the above areas, the Organizational Learning Department at WellStar also supports our employees in areas such as tuition reimbursement, and the creation of continuous advancement and development opportunities.

More information on specific programs, or details related to Organizational Learning at WellStar is available within our Learning Network overview.

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