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At WellStar, we believe that the best way to always shine your brightest is to never stop learning and growing. We view employee development as essential to the continued success of our organization and treat it as a priority. And we’re proud to offer numerous programs and resources designed to help our people sharpen existing skills, develop new ones and evolve into the future leadership of WellStar and our industry.

If you’re ready to shine with WellStar now, check out our available jobs using the career search fields on this page. Or, choose a topic below to learn more about the wide assortment of programs, tailored to the unique needs of our various employee populations.

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Nurses at WellStar play an essential role in our ability to provide world-class health care. So, it’s no wonder we make it a priority to identify, attract, develop and retain the most stellar nursing talent available. WellStar offers a variety of educational, support and development programs specifically for nursing professionals, designed to help them shine their brightest at every stage of their careers. More >


The need for quality nursing and healthcare professionals is growing faster than ever before. WellStar takes the healthcare workforce shortage seriously, and is actively invested in helping students and new graduates of nursing and other health-related specialty areas discover their perfect place to shine. More >


At WellStar, we believe that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, particularly in our ever-changing industry of health care. And we also believe that in order for them to succeed and shine, they deserve every opportunity to learn, grow and gain experience. More >


Through our unique Organizational Learning Department, WellStar has created a variety of lifelong learning opportunities, for individuals with vastly different interests and responsibilities, across every level of our System. More >


At WellStar, the only thing that equals our commitment to providing world-class health care, is our dedication to giving our doctors, nurses, clinicians and support staff the tools, training and innovations they need to deliver it. More >

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